Saturday, April 30, 2011



Well, folks, this brings the A-Z Blog Challenge to a close. It’s been a fun and interesting month of supernatural and paranormal creatures from myths and legends all around the world. There is much information to glean from, and hopefully I’ve inspired a story or two in the process. If you need to look back at the information, please visit my archives, I would love to have you back!

In the future, I plan to have guest bloggers, book reviews, and more. There’s always a chance for some Flash Fiction each week, too. Don’t be a stranger. J


Zombies have been made popular today by movies, television, literature, games, and music. A form of the undead, they can also be people in a trance controlled by a wizard. These types of zombies are the originals from the West African Vodun religion and Haitian Vodu and New Orleans Voodoo.

The 1968 film, “Night of the Living Dead”, brought a modern popularity that can still be seen today. Feasting on human brains, they will often be the result of a pandemic illness resulting in an apocalypse. In this scenario, people who have been bitten by zombies usually become zombies themselves. This leaves the world in disarray with little survivors and no structure to society.

Today, zombie walks, where people dress and act like zombies, are staged to bring together fans in a unique performance, and can be used for political protests.

The above information and photos were found at Wikipedia.


  1. The thing that first introduced me to a passion for zombies was watching the episode of the Smurfs where they all turn purple. It really scared the crazy out of me when I was little. Now I get a kick every time I watch that episode.

  2. Jeffrey, Hi and thanks for stopping by! It seems like I can remember an episode like that, but you've got me curious enough that I will have to check that out. :) I used to love those little guys and gal.

  3. Amber, we did it! Congratulations! I have an award for you!!