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Nymphs are found in Greek mythology and are female nature deities associated with a location. Usually depicted as young and beautiful girls who like to dance and sing, they dwell in mountains, trees, valleys, around springs and rivers. They are unable to die of illness or old age, and able to give birth to immortal children if they mate with a god, however they can be killed in various ways. They were the frequent target of satyrs and associated with Artemis, Apollo, Dionysus, Pan, and Hermes.

Often they are identified with springs and their life-giving outflow.

The Greeks have nymphs bound to places, frequenting areas not inhabited by people. A traveler might hear their music and sneak a peek at them dancing or bathing in the water in the middle of the day or night.

The nymphs are shown as females who copulate with men or women whenever they like, and cannot be controlled by man. The modern day term, nymphomaniac, has roots buried within the nymphs themselves. Nymphomania is a term used to describe a condition in which a person engages in sexual behavior to the extreme. The term has been changed to hypersexuality today.

Nymphs mating with Poseidon bear Cyclops.

They can be classified according to where they live. There are: celestial nymphs, land nymphs, wood and plant nymphs, water nymphs, and underworld nymphs, to name a few.


Naiads are found in Greek mythology, and are types of nymphs who watch over springs, streams, brooks, fountains, and wells.

Naiads are associated with freshwater, and Oceanids with saltwater. Nereids are associated with the Mediterranean.

The naiad would be bound to her body of water so that if the water dried, the naiad would die. In certain ceremonies, human boys and girls that were coming-of-age would give their childlike locks to a local naiad of the spring.

Naiads could be dangerous and were known to exhibit jealousy. 

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