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Ok, so I decided to mix it up a bit. This is nearly the middle of the challenge, and I thought I would write about this crazy movie that I love. Hey – evil clowns just may be considered a paranormal creature in this sense. And if they’re not, well, don’t worry the rest of the blog posts this month will be creatures, like I’ve been posting.

So, to cleanse the palate…

The film was made in 1988 and is considered comedy horror. Aliens who look like clowns, very evil, ugly clowns, come to Earth to harvest humans for consumption. It starts out with a couple on a date stumbling onto the Klowns who are out for blood – literally. The couple goes to the police who did not believe them. Meanwhile, the Klowns are taking people by shooting them with a gun that turns them into a cotton candy blob, which is akin to acid, eroding their bodies. 

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Some of the methods the Klowns employ to trick people are hand puppets, and balloon animals. Still not believing the complaints, the police suffer fatal consequences when a Klown comes to the precinct. In a particularly gruesome scene, a Klown uses the dead policeman as a ventriloquist act, complete with its hand inside the dead man.

The hero discovers that the Klowns can be killed if they are shot in the nose. The heroine is captured, and it is discovered that the Klowns are drinking the victims through the cotton candy cocoons.

A climactic end scene with a 30 ft. tall leader Klown ensues. The hero destroys him by poking his nose. All is well.

The movie had a title song that was released by The Dickies in 1988.  

“Killer Klowns from Outer Space” eventually garnered quite the cult following. Masks, props, costumes, and toys can all be purchased.

The information and first picture were all gathered from Wikipedia.

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