Friday, February 1, 2013

Somewhere in the Shadows

One of my latest releases, Somewhere in the Shadows, is part of an epic giveaway consisting of not just my books, but books from the other authors in the anthology, as well. Have I grabbed your attention? Let me sweeten the pot by telling you a little bit about Somewhere in the Shadows by way of a book description.

"From the shadows of the night comes nine haunting stories from some of the most promising horror, science fiction, and thriller writers out there. Tales of vampires, werewolves, rogue A.I.s, bad roads, zombies, and even malicious words bring out the terror, suspense, gore, and even humor in modern horror. With an introduction by "The Imaginings" author Paul Dail and an eclectic variety of terror that has something for every kind of horror fan, this is one anthology sure to keep you up past dawn."

The authors include: Jonathan D. Allen, Dean Giles, Craig Jones, Marissa Farrar, Andrez Bergen, Andrew Hudson, Dan H. Kind, C.M. Humphries and a foreword by Paul Dail.

My story, "Blood Line", is about a man who doesn't know his true lineage, but finds out by way of a mysterious letter and the full moon. This is a collection full of wonderful and terrifying works.

Check out the many ways to be entered to win a copy of Shadows and the other books -

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Go ahead and enter below. It can't hurt and you might win some awesome fiction.

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