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Ok, ok, I admit it. I want to believe in the Chupacabra. Or maybe it’s just really fun to say the word with a little tongue roll on the r. With a name like that, it has a lot to live up to, no?

One of my first experiences with the Chupacabra was an episode of The X-Files. Man, I really loved that show and I still do. It can be watched streaming on Netflix and I have been able to see every one of them again. Yeah, I’m smiling right now.

The actual meaning of the word Chupacabra is “goat sucker”. Their sightings have ranged from all over the United States to Mexico, Puerto Rico, and many other countries. Reports of livestock animals being found dead, drained of their blood through small puncture wounds are what accompany Chupacabras. In recent years, there have been various pictures of what people claim to be Chupacabras, however, analysis has shown many of these deceased animals are coyotes with a form of mange. 

No matter what the lab reports show, there are always going to be believers in the creature.

Photo found here.


The Centaur can be found in Greek and Roman mythology. A Centaur takes on the form of a man’s head, arms, and torso, attached to the body of a horse. They have been immortalized on pottery and in sculptures. Many times they are thought of as warriors, or even brutal, dangerous creatures. 

Authors have used them in various ways. Some may see them as wise and others arrogant. They can be feared or respected, perhaps both.

The mystery of the Centaur is left to the myths and legends.


A Changeling is a legend of a supernatural creature that is left behind in the place of a kidnapped child. Here, a parent may notice a child acting suddenly different, and claim that they have a Changeling. This originated in Europe.

The Changeling could be identified by it’s strange skin color, or mannerisms that included a hearty appetite and speaking with an accent. Many present day diseases were more than likely the explanation of Changelings. There were ways you could trick one into admitting it’s a Changeling. The children that were thought to be one usually lived hard lives and sometimes suffered death.

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