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Elves are from German mythology. Usually possessing magical powers, they are forest dwelling. Commonly pictured with pointed ears and wearing hats, they have been featured in many books and legends.

A Norse myth has them breeding with humans. Some English myths explained them as beautiful and helpful. Anglo-Saxon had them aligned with demons.

Christmas elves supposedly live in the North Pole making the toys for Santa to bring.

J.R.R. Tolkien is but one author who uses elves in their writing. 


There are four types of Elementals:

1.     Gnomes – Earth
2.     Nymphs – Water
3.     Salamanders – Fire
4.     Sylphs – Air

Lacking a defined form, some say Elementals wings are butterfly-like. They are considered to be nature spirits, and the Angels keep over them. Their homes are in the natural elements, such as the forest, trees, and creeks.

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