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Ogre’s are found in mythology, folklore, and fiction, and are depicted as huge, hideous beasts. They are said to feed on humans. Their bodies are strong, with large heads, lots of hair, usually a beard, and large appetites. They are closely related to trolls. 

The words itself could possibly be from the two mythical giants, Gog and Magog.


Classically, an oracle referred to someone or something that was wise or a prophet. Also has to do with predictions, precognition, and is considered a form of divination.

An oracle was considered to be a portal that the gods used to speak directly to man. 

Only the Oracle at Delphi was a female, the rest were males. Her name was Pythia, and she was a priestess at the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. She was known for her prophecies inspired by Apollo.

Pythia, derived from Pytho, was the original name of Delphi. It was thought that she delivered the messages in a frenzy that was caused by vapors rising from a chasm in the rock. The gibberish she spoke was then translated and reshaped to form the prophecies that are found in Greek literature.

Recently scholars have argued the above theory stating that the ancient sources tell of Pythia speaking intelligibly and giving the prophecies in her own voice. Further, recent geological investigations have explained that gas emissions from a chasm could have been the cause.

Not much is known about how the priestess was chosen to be the oracle. Working as a Pythia was a high society standing, and a respectable career. At the height of the oracle’s popularity, there may have been as many as 3 women giving prophecies. The oracle would give prophecies only in the nine warmest months of each year. Fasting was used to prepare them, and on the seventh day of each month she would bathe in the Castalian Spring and drink the waters of the Kassotis, where a naiad with magical powers was supposed to live.  Afterward, she would descend and mount her tripod seat, while holding laurel leaves and a dish of Kassotis water to peer into. The omphalos was nearby and was flanked by two solid gold eagles that represented the authority of Zeus. People desiring to hear a prophecy would carry laurel branches for Apollo, bring an animal sacrifice, and a monetary fee.

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  1. i love your vast knowledge of fantasy. I also LOVE it.

  2. Thanks! It's not really my knowledge. I expand on everything with Wikipedia and various other sites. I love this subject so much that I figured it would be a good idea to do this, if even just for future reference on possible characters in my stories.

    Hopefully others can use it for that, as well. I'm glad you're enjoying this challenge. :)

    Imagination is a wonderful thing! :)