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Demons, today, bring about thoughts of possession and exorcism. There have been many movies and books about them. One of the more popular movies, The Exorcist, shows a young girl possessed. It is shocking and terrifying, and when it was released it shed light on the Catholic church and the role it plays in exorcisms, which are performed to rid the person of the demon. Different religions have different views on demons. These views have changed throughout history, as well. Some feel they are fallen angels, others believe they are the spirits of the Nephilim, the offspring of the angels and human women. They can be called upon and made to do one’s bidding, according to lore.

John Zaffis, only one of many demonologists, has spent years researching and working in the field of demons. He has had many real-life encounters with others who claim to be possessed. He has written books detailing his accounts, and has appeared on TV.


Dragons are mythical creatures with lizard-like bodies, wings, and the ability to breathe fire. Since Arthurian legends, dragons have been wonderful creatures that is revered and feared. They have a wild beauty and deadly grace. Again, movies and books abound with them. Sometimes they are depicted as brutal beasts and in others, friendly creatures.

Brave knights were dispatched to kill them and save villages from their terror. Their hides and other body parts were usually valuable. Dragons’ lairs were usually deep caves in the bowels of the earth which were lined with the bones of their victims. Sacrifices to keep them appeased were common in tales.

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A Doppelganger is an exact replica of a person. In German it means “double walker”. They are usually seen by the persons’ relatives or friends many miles away from where the person really is. Legend holds that if you see your own doppelganger, it may mean your death is to come.


  1. Some very thought provoking information.

  2. You know, I'm 31, and have never seen the exorcist. At this point, I sorta feel like it'd be a waste to see it, like I won't appreciate it the way everyone else does.

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  3. Mary, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by!

    Matt, You have made it a ways without watching. :) I say go ahead and check it out. Try to go into it without thinking about what you've heard (I know that's hard). It's an experience. I would recommend watching the original version first, then expand to the newer release with the demon in the picture above. I only say that because the original might give you a good foundation to start with. Oh, and there's also the book. ;)

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