Friday, March 4, 2011

Pen and Paper vs. Computer

A cozy chair, a quiet room, a piece of chocolate and my pen and paper.

That's all I need for writing. In my dreams!!!

Switching to reality. Ah, here it is: the corner of a chair and wedged between toys, 3 minutes tops between random requests from the kids, NO chocolate, but yes, my pen and paper.

I still use a pen and paper. I admit it. This is how I've always been. There is some comfort for me to think of approaching this noble of crafts like many have done before me. Don't get me wrong I have a computer. A pretty nice one. I love it and use it frequently, but maybe I still write manually because it's partly superstition or partly because it's convenient for me. Both, probably. For one thing, I prefer to edit on a handwritten copy. But in all honesty it probably leans heavily toward superstition. I am a superstitious creature by nature and can remember being this way as a child. Old habits die hard, I guess. My poetry was always written on paper because I didn't want to go to the computer lab on campus unless I absolutely had to. Not the most comfortable of places. Definitely not a place to create. This was before laptops and not too many people had pc's in their dorm rooms at the time, me and my roommate included.

I suppose I will always find it comforting to write on paper. Recently I had the opportunity between cleaning up kid messes, changing diapers, and helping a 10 year old study for a Social Studies test to sit down at the computer and write. It was nice! And pretty damn fast. I could almost write as fast as I think (which is saying a lot). It was a short-lived privilege, so I retired back to my notebook where I am most familiar.

I'm curious - do you guys like to write with pen and paper, or are you more a modern tech junkie and prefer the computer?

Let me know, please. No rewards and no prizes to offer, but be satisfied knowing that you will be contributing to my curious little mind. *taps fingertips together with evil smile*

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