Saturday, March 31, 2012

A to Z Challenge

I had decided to do the A to Z blog challenge earlier this year. Last year was my first time participating, and in truth I had only started my blog then. It was a great way to break into it all and get some viewers. That being said, I have went back and forth on my decision this year. I have too many commitments I say one day, and the next day I will say but it was so much fun! It is a bit addicting, so I’m back.

This year I will focus on horror and science fiction movies. Some of them you might recognize, others maybe not. Either way I hope it will be a good time and that you all enjoy what I bring to each post.

Let’s get started, shall we…


Director Ridley Scott brought Alien to the screen in 1979. A multiple award winning film, Alien broke the mold with a female protagonist, Ripley, played by Sigourney Weaver. A transmission has been located on an alien planet, and the crew of Nostromo must go check it out. From the beginning, tension builds until we see the terrifying aliens. Right out of a panicked nightmare, the alien and other elements were designed by artist H. R. Giger. The alien’s particularly violent and gruesome attacks on the crew are horrifying. Eventually it comes down to Ripley and the alien going head to head. A wildly successful movie, it inspired many sequels and products. 

A Nightmare On Elm Street
When Freddy burst onto the scene in 1984, audiences flocked to the theatre to see what all the fuss was about. The story centers around a group of high schoolers who are plagued with nightmares about a burned man wearing a striped sweater, who had long knives for fingers. The catch was if Freddy Krueger killed you in your dream, you were dead in real life. A hit, the movie spawned many sequels. It’s hard to forget the old rhyme, “One, two Freddy’s coming for you…”

An American Werewolf in London
John Landis wrote and directed this film in 1981. Two American men go backpacking through England. One night they end up in a strange bar and are given the cryptic warning of, “Keep off the moors” as they get ready to leave. Chalking it up to local superstition, the two men use the moors as a shortcut and have a tragic run in with a werewolf. Part horror, part comedy, this is the first movie to show a full transformation of a man into a werewolf. The special effects were highly regarded, and won several awards. Its now cult classic classification invokes respect and cult classic love.

The Amityville Horror
 Another movie coming from 1979, The Amityville Horror was based on a bestselling novel. The story is supposed to be about the real-life experiences that the Lutz family went through when moving into a house in Long Island. A year before, a young man had killed all of his family. Once the Lutz’s move in, strange events start to take place. Firmly rooted in paranormal events, The Amityville Horror is based on the subject of demonic possession. After requests to film in the actual house were denied, the movie was made in a look-alike home. 

Army of Darkness
 The third installment in The Evil Dead trilogy, Army of Darkness brought back fan favorite Bruce Campbell as Ash, the loveable, goofy hero. Written and directed by Sam Raimi, this installment is particularly filled with comedy. Released in 1993, it chronicled Ash in his attempt to get back to the current time period. More on the mild side of this trilogy, it is also one of the most quotable of the series.


  1. some good movie choices for A!

    Happy A to Z

  2. Some excellent horror movie choices there. The Amityville Horror particularly scare me, because it's meant to be based of a true story. *shudder*.

  3. Really dig your theme! I'll be featuring a movie every day with my post as well. Proud to say I saw all of those in the theater.
    Don't forget to turn off word verification for the Challenge.

  4. Thanks everyone for the compliments!

    Alex, great minds think alike. ;) And you should definitely be proud of that fact! Thanks for the reminder about verifications. Done and done! :)

  5. Hi Amber, nice to meet you! I'm not a horror movie fan at all, but I did see Alien, because I'm a Sigourney Weaver fan.

    Welcome to the Challenge!


  6. Nice to meet you, too, Karen! :) Alien is one of my top 5 horror movies ever. It made a huge lasting impression on me as I watched it as a child. Sigourney Weaver was tough!

    Thanks for stopping by!